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Chaath Lakota by MysticalBats
Chaath Lakota
((Will add more information later))

Name: Chaath Lakota

Gender: Male

Blood color: Burgundy

Title: Heir Of Mind

Age: 6.92 Alternian Solar Sweeps (15 Earth Human Years)

Height: 6'4 1/2"

Strife Specibi: Spearkind

Fetch Modus: Satchel

Dreamer: Derse

Screen Name: paranormalStigma

Dancestor: Eothuk Lakota

Ancestor: The Chieftain

Attire: Gray trench coat, black tank top, black jeans, gray and white tennis shoes, sometimes an Indian headdress,

Lusus: Wolf Monster

Typing Style: Puts "->" after every W and replaces I with 1 (Example: W->hat? 1 d1dn't say anyth1ng!)

Personality: Reserved and somewhat gutless. He doesn't handle conflict well, and tries to avoid trolls on the higher side of the hemospectrum. And he's really indecisive, meaning it takes him a while make a decision on something.


:iconflushedplz: : OPEN

:iconpaleplz: : OPEN

:iconfeelingblackplz: : OPEN

:iconashenplz: : OPEN
Nivora Felina by MysticalBats
Nivora Felina
((I'll probably make a colored picture of my fantrolls and post all their info on their but I just felt like posting these now))

Name: Nivora Felina

Gender: Female

Blood Color: Yellow

Age: 7.85 Alternian Solar Sweeps (17 Earth Human Years)

Dreamer: Prospit

Title: Thief of Heart

Height: 5'6"

Attire: Cat-eye contacts, black t-shirt, black knee-length skirt, yellow and black striped tights and fingerless gloves, black boots

Fetch Modus: Makeup kit

Strife Specibi: Whipkind

Lusus: Four legged Bobcat

Screen Name: coquetishClaws

Typing Style: Turns any "ur", "ar", or "or" sound to "urr" like "purr", replaces B with 8 (8et yourr a 8ig scurrdey meow8east~)

Personality: Overconfident (Border line narcissism) and flirtatious


:iconflushedplz: : OPEN

:iconpaleplz: : OPEN

:iconfeelingblackplz: : OPEN

:iconashenplz: : OPEN

Introvert or Extrovert 

8 deviants said Introvert
2 deviants said Extrovert
Do you ever just want to slap yourself for a stupid thing you did or said in the past. Especially when they decide to reaffirm that they happened and never let you completely forget it. Oh human mind, how you torment me.

And since I am so socially awkward I have a new entire chapter book of cringe-worthy things to suppress. Not to mention my anxiety problem and math (fun fact: Unless you go into teaching or engineering we probably won't ever use it in real life). And I NEED to get my math skill up in order to get into the school I want, so I hope by the end of this year I can get it up. Not to mention I am struggling emotionally with.... girly.... feelings.... ugh.

Things could be worse and I'm sorry for complaining, but I need to vent these things out somehow... Maybe things will improve for me when I start going to church. I just need to trust In the Lord and work hard. I couldn't really sleep with all these thoughts in my head so at least I got some of it out. It's 2:21 AM and I have to get to school at 7:30 so I should probably go to bed ^^; Hopefully today will go smoothly, and I can get some sleep. XD


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United States
I'm an introvert with a passion for Fantasy RPGs, plants, and animals. I'm also a Christian and proud of it.

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